Utility Trade

We can provide you with a sustainable and cost-effective way to heat your room. Using the latest radiant heating technology.


Here at Utility Trade Group, we can supply and install Far Infrared Heaters in your property - whether it’s a warehouse, office, retail outlet, home or school - we guarantee you an excellent service at an extremely competitive price.

Not only are there significant cost savings given the cutting-edge technology involved, but there are also a number of other benefits to Far Infrared Heating too. The clean heat technology has proven health benefits, ensuring your staff or family stay warmer and healthier, at a fraction of the cost.


They’re extremely cost effective

Far Infrared Heaters are proven to be up to 60% more efficient than conventional heaters. This increased efficiency ensures that they’re cost-effective, reducing the cost of heating your property. With a lower energy demand, your office won’t just look great, but it’ll be cheaper to run too.

They look good

Utility Trade Group offers custom panels to suit your style and taste. Our sleek designs ensure that there is a personal spin added to your property – from a personalised picture, a customised design, or even a mirror – we can ensure that your Far Infrared Heater gives your room a look to be proud of.

They’re modern and future proofed

With sleek designs and a very modern look and feel, our Far Infrared Heaters really are a 21st century innovation. You can adjust your heating on the move with online controls and apps, ensuring that your property is only heated when it needs to be. Less energy is used, meaning lower costs – which is further supported by the fact that there are no ongoing maintenance or service costs.

They’re environmentally friendly, with proven health benefits

Our Far Infrared Heaters support all of the Government’s ESOS regulations. As such, they emit less Co2 and are far more environmentally friendly than a conventional heating system. With proven added health benefits too – they really do tick all of the boxes.

How do they work?

Far Infrared Heating heats objects in the room, as opposed to the air. Why is this important? Objects can retain heat far better than humans, ensuring a greater degree of thermal comfort. Heating objects not only comes with this benefit, but it also helps keep away dampness and mould.

The human body emits infrared heat at a wavelength of around 10 microns. Our infrared panels operate at up to 9 microns, ensuring the human body is easily able to absorb the heat energy, and retain it.

In terms of practicality, these systems work in just the same way as a conventional heater. They can be run via an on/off switch, a thermostat and receiver, or PIR sensors.