Utility Trade

Voltage Optimisers will stop you paying for electricity you don’t need and prevent wear of your electrical goods.

Installing a Voltage Optimiser can save on average 10% on your electricity bill.

Voltage coming into your building should be running at 240v, if it is a higher reading then a Voltage Optimiser unit will benefit you:

  • Protects your appliances from over voltage
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Saves you money
  • Enhances performance and protects on all subsequent energy efficiency measures including heat pumps, infra-red heating, led lighting and solar PV.

As a trusted VO supplier we guarantee all products are designed and built in the UK.

They include a 5 year parts warranty.

The install is non-invasive and the maintenance of the VO is very minimalistic.

Some of the most popular businesses to have VO installed…

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Offices
  • Care Homes
  • GP’s Surgeries
  • Garages
  • Hotels

Utility Trade Group can measure your Voltage and advise if this is the right product for you.