Utility Trade

Our storage solutions are designed for businesses that want storage and UPS solutions and can help reduce peak loads.

A combined solar and storage system can firm and smooth the energy used onsite, reducing demand charge risk due to solar intermittency.

To date, most of these types of systems have been deployed separately. However, when the two technologies are paired together, the potential savings and return on investment can be much greater than each on a standalone basis.

Resulting in a more reliable reduction of energy and demand charge-related electricity expenses.

Additionally, a combined solution can enhance the resilience of a building’s power supply, a key consideration for critical facilities in the face of increasingly common power outages in some areas.

The advantages of solar plus storage systems are expected to increase as the electrical grid decentralizes over the coming years and as new opportunities emerge for flexible distributed energy systems to participate in grid operations.

The benefits of using Solar plus Battery Storage

  • Charging batteries off peak to supply energy when it is needed most.
  • Often the charging can be done on lower tariffs saving money but also the peak demands can be brought down helping the grid achieve a better balance.
  • Battery storage can be installed under power purchase agreements to respond to grid demand at peak times, providing a source of income to the business.
  • Solar PV is commonly linked to a battery store when there is surplus energy going back into the grid.

We will assess your needs and analyse consumption data to establish the best storage solution for your business.