Utility Trade

Our energy efficient solutions can improve operational performance for clients, strengthen resilience and drive their business vision forward.

Operational excellence and cost management are a key focus for any business and energy is a significant factor in both, yet it is often misunderstood and not managed successfully.

Energy efficiency is no longer a fringe exercise with expensive upfront costs and limited outcomes. It is a mainstream option that is more accessible and feasible than ever before.

Utility Trade Group can address these areas and work with you to connect your energy supply and energy efficiency products to your business needs and drive your business forward.

Promoting the economic advantages of energy efficiency will unlock a rapid adoption of sustainable practices and safeguard our environments future.

We’re helping thousands of businesses across the UK take control of their energy supply, optimisation and generation all under one roof.

So, whatever your needs, you can be confident that we can help.

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Ofgem introduced a code of practice to regulate commercial energy brokers and consultancies around energy supply. 

The practice sets out standards that seek to define a professional and honest service, requirements for transparency of information and more detail around fee structures and monitoring.

It’s an important Code of Practice for Utility Trade Group. It ensures that we’re regulated on how we handle complaints, deal with our customers and suppliers, and adhere to data protection policies.

As an energy broker, we take pride in working to the highest possible standards. As such, the TPI Code of Practice is at the heart of everything we do.

We follow stringent industry guidelines and we work rigorously to provide the standards that our customers expect. Our Account Managers work for our customers, not the suppliers and as a result, we strive to deliver the best service and the best package available. The guidelines set out in the TPI Code of Practice ensure that we do this in full.

For more information on the TPI Code of Practice, or indeed about how Utility Trade Group work within its framework, please get in touch at info@utilitytrade.com