Oil prices on the rise, time to act now?

Renown oil magnate Boone Pickens predicted a sharp rise for oil prices after this week. Pickens stated that oil prices have hit “rock bottom” this week at just above $26 a barrel and will begin to climb again. The price for a barrel…

Is it time you produced your own power?

"We cannot rely on CCGTs alone to plug this gap, as we have neither the time, resources nor enough people with the right skills to build sufficient power plants."

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16th Century Manor House gets brand new far infrared heating solution...

In summer 2018 we were contacted by a customer who needed a heating solution to a new apartment they'd purchased in a beautifully converted Manor House in the Home Counties.  The opportunity was to find a way to heat the whole duplex apartment…

UK's first prison to benefit from a Solar PV installation.

HMP Stocken is the first prison in the UK to benefit from a Solar PV installation.  The new house block has a 69kW installation of 270W Jinko solar panels and 3 SolarEdge 3 phase inverters. UT Power's installation is forecast to produce almost…