Reducing carbon footprints and learning coming hand in hand…

The up take of solar has been especially strong with schools for Utility Trade in the first quarter of 2017.    Utility Trade completed several installations of Solar PV for a mixture of schools, academies and private schools in the first three months of the year.

The installations ranged from 10.8kW to 49.8kW and will be providing the schools with a 109,008kWh a year in solar generated electricity.  This will reduce their carbon footprint by 48.9 tonnes of CO2 a year and save them thousands in energy costs.

We installed SolarEdge inverters and optimisers to increase the system yields, improve safety and ease maintenance in the future.  The schools are also using the monitoring platform as teaching aids to involve the children in the schools green ambitions.

In the case of Witham Hall the school requested that the panels were an all black panel to blend in with the roof of their new build sports hall and the results were fantastic.

With several other schools interested in adopting solar we’re looking forward to the next installations of 2017.