During the latter part of the summer, 2018, One Leisure St Neots have had a 110 270W panels installed on their leisure center.  The system is a SolarEdge system optimised on P600 for full vision of how the system operates and to benefit from the range of safety and additional yield generation features.

The system is forecast to generate 27,915kWh and save 12.5 tonnes of CO2 in the first year.

SolarEdge Optimised panels give a minimum of a 2% yield increase, provide added safety features, panel level monitoring showing generation data, improved fault finding data and an extra two years on the inverter warranty. The optimisers allow the panels to perform independently and therefore the strings are not brought down to the lowest performing panel as in a traditional string inverter set up. Additionally any panel can work in any system meaning that if you need to replace a panel for any reason you would not need to find the specific sized panel to match the array. The system is classed as a SafeDC system as the panels are reduced down to 1 volt from ~35V in the event that the power to the inverter is shutdown. The inverters are also set up with arc detection so if overheating through arcing occurs then the inverter can shut down. This makes it one of the safest and most productive system on the market.

Added to this UT power also completed a full LED refit to reduce the energy consumption on site by a staggering 30,000kWh.