Over the last few months UT Power have completed several Solar PV installations at two of the country’s most famous Racecourses.  The Centaur building at the entrance to Cheltenham Racecourse has now got a 50kW array on it that can be seen from the road running past the course.  The specification for this was that it needed to compliment the existing building so an all black panel was used (174 x JA Solar 285W) and an all black mounting kit.


The system comprises of 174 285W mono panels and 2 x 25kW SolarEdge inverters.  The installation went seamlessly and was completed in 3 days.  It included the use of a 360 degree 25 meter Roto telehandler to lift the pallets onto the roof.

The system is forecast to generate 49,715kWh in it’s first year saving over 22 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Newmarket Racecourse has had 5 systems installed across its sites.  An 11kW on the Hostel of the National Stud, 2 30kW systems at the front of the July Course and 2 systems on the Rowley Mile at the sites office block and workshop.

As the offices and July Course were going to be visible arrays for guests to the site as well as when the courses are on TV they have again opted for an All black panel for those sites.  The Workshop and Hostel are both out of the way so a 270W polycrystalline panel was utilised .

In total 143 270W polycrystalline panels and 180 280W  monocrystalline panels were fitted.  All on SolarEdge optimised systems to improve safety, maintenance and annual yield.  The sites are forecast to generate 88,103kWh in the first year and save over 39 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Both The Rowley Mile and Cheltenham Racecourses have also had SolarEdge Firefighter Gateways fitted to show the SafeDC function of the optimised system working in the event the fire service is needed on the sites.