Modern gym and spa looking to reduce their energy consumption.

This modern and forward thinking gym on the edge of Norwich have been looking for ways to reduce their overall energy consumption. After a discussion with their Utility Trade account manager they decided to investigate the potential of LED lighting.

After a full investigation by our lighting engineer a full program of LED replacements was devised. The initial phase was to replace the lighting in the main gym and mezzanine areas.  This comprised of the biggest lights and trickiest areas to install. In all 31 LED units were fitted comprising of a mixture of ‘High-bay’ and ‘Low-bay’ fittings.

To minimize the disruption to the patrons and day to day functioning of the gym it was decided to carry out this stage in one day, utilising a scissor lift and mobile tower to reach each unit. The electricians were onsite at 8am, working quickly and efficiently and managing to get the entire job complete by 11pm.

Savings in Year 1:  £819.16

CO2 Reduction:  3,828kg/yr

Energy Reduction:  40%