UT Power have just completed fitting a pair of Voltage Optimisers for offices and the workshop of a European engineering company based in the West Midlands.

The units are forecast to save them around 9/10% on their electricity bills and add longevity to their equipment by reducing the voltage at the incoming supply by 8%.  This is going to reduce their CO2 emmissions by around 15,246kg and save the company approximately £6,500 a year.

UT Power worked with the client very closely through the project, carefully specifying the optimisation units to meet the clients needs, organising the installation with site, coordinating with the DNO so that our electricians could install new fused AC isolators after the supply point and completing the installation on a Saturday to allow for site shutdown out of hours.

The units come with an online platform that enables the end user to monitor the sites consumption and electrical supply parameters with data supplied directly from the units.  The monitoring has the added benefit of showing the client their consumption patterns and see if there are times when energy savings can be made by spotting unnecessary usage or streamlining operations allowing them to make further savings.

They aren’t the most glamorous when it comes to energy efficiency and renewable energy products but they certainly can get the job done!