At the end of 2017 Cleeve Park School took the step to heat their main hall with far infrared space heaters, an intelligent heating solution from UT Power.  These heaters give off no light and provide a similar warmth to that of the sun (as it’s the same type of heat).  They are highly efficient and heat the objects and people in the hall rather than attempting to heat the air.  The hall is used for exams so it was a welcome change for the pupils.

4 of the heaters went into the main hall and one in the adjacent corridor.  Far infrared space heaters are an ideal solution for large rooms with ceilings above 3m high.  This particular hall is approximately 13m square with a 7m high ceiling in the center, only requiring 12.8kW to heat it effectively, making it not only a good engineering solution but a good economic one too.  They also don’t look too bad.

The controls are set up with a temperature sensor for the room to enable temperatures to be maintained when required and an overriding on off switch when the hall is not in use.