In summer 2018 we were contacted by a customer who needed a heating solution to a new apartment they’d purchased in a beautifully converted Manor House in the Home Counties.  The opportunity was to find a way to heat the whole duplex apartment with a restricted electricity supply that we were unable to easily upgrade due to the nature of the building.

Originally on LPG the properties multiple apartments were slowly having their gas boilers decommissioned as they weren’t up to regulations and switching over to electric boilers.  Unfortunately to heat the whole apartment required two 22kW boilers, which was not viable on the incoming supply.

The solution we offered was with the Herschel far infrared heaters, which due to their efficiency are able to provide enough heat on half the output to be able to heat the whole apartment on less than 22kW.

The final design took a few meetings and phone calls to finalise with us wanting to make sure that the client had exactly what they needed in the apartment and the finish was to their particular taste.  A two stage approach was taken on the project, the first of which is now completed and the rooms are now being finished with fresh paint and new furniture.

The main lounge was a large 7m x 6m room approximately and now has four 1800W white Pulsars positioned around it’s beautiful central chandelier.  The study was the second room to complete and that now houses a 1200W Herschel picture heater from the Inspire range.



This case study will be updated as the project evolves.