Rainbows - Where's it Bin?

We're supporting Rainbows and their collection campaign, "Where's it Bin?" We had a very successful week last week all the bins were full, everything donated has been collected and we are keeping them for another week! Please have…

Looking for an outdoor lighting solution?

Utility Trade can offer various installation services and have a great range of products and solutions to help businesses or home owners save money and improve their environment. The latest additions are these solar powered outdoor lights.…
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Phasing Out Of The Feed-in Tariff Subsidies

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme is a government programme designed to promote the uptake of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies.   The FIT scheme is available for anyone who has installed, or is…

Extra Energy to be investigated after customer complaints

Ofgem will examine whether the supplier broke the rules on billing, customer service and complaints handling. Last month, Citizens Advice said Extra Energy had had more complaints than any other supplier for the past five years. The company…

A huge thanks from everyone at Rainbows

Earlier this year, we moved a little closer to the future and wired in our new installation of solar panels. From now on, we’ll be able to generate a portion of our electricity requirements just from the suns rays, saving money in the process…
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Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir to hold the largest floating solar system

Europes biggest floating Solar PV system is to set sail on the Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir in London this will include more that 23,000 panels on the reservoir.

Is Solar still a viable option?

The UK solar industry is rallying after the drastic cuts made by the government in 2015.
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Ireland in green jerseys AND a green stadium!

Ireland are now the greenest team in the Six Nations in every way.

World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Given the Go-Ahead

Hornsea Project One will be roughly 75 miles from the Yorkshire coast line and will cover an area of nearly 160 square miles and consisting of around 170 Siemens manufactured 7MW turbines.

Oil prices on the rise, time to act now?

Renown oil magnate Boone Pickens predicted a sharp rise for oil prices after this week. Pickens stated that oil prices have hit “rock bottom” this week at just above $26 a barrel and will begin to climb again. The price for a barrel…

Power Shortfall for Winter 2016?

2015 had a wild but mild winter, however the National Grid is already preparing for power blackouts or brownouts in winter 2016.
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Closing Quarter Massive for Solar

DECC have announced that there were 65,000 solar installs between October and December 2015.
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Dulas completes 2.5MW array at Welsh water treatment works

Renewables developer Dulas has completed the second phase of work to install a 2.5MW project at a water treatment facility in Wrexham, Wales. The firm had already installed nearly 8,000 solar panels at D?r Cymru Welsh Water’s Five Fords…

Do you know how your business is using its’ energy?

Do you know how your business is using its’ energy? Or do you only think about it when the bill lands on the mat, it may be time to put together an energy policy within your company. A clear energy policy for your business is an important…

Is it time you produced your own power?

"We cannot rely on CCGTs alone to plug this gap, as we have neither the time, resources nor enough people with the right skills to build sufficient power plants."