UT Power achieve recommendation for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

UT Power recently had their stage 2 audit with the British Assessment Bureau and have been successful in getting through the audit with zero non-conformance.  We are now waiting on the final sign off before we are issued our certificates.

Since its inception in 2014, UT Power have been adding to their accreditation’s as they take on more and more ambitious projects with larger and larger clients.  Working directly with private business who own premises, landlords who need to improve the energy efficiency of their portfolio or with main contractors on energy performance contracts and new builds, UT Power have completed a number of installations from LED, Power Optimisation, Far Infrared heating to Solar PV projects.

We rarely get bad feedback but when something does go wrong we pride ourselves in being able to correct it as quickly as possible.  We use robust systems and both internal and client feedback to allow us to make continual improvements to how we work.  Helped by being a small family run business we are able to implement changes quickly and that allows us to adapt and continue to grow in a competitive market place.

Please get in touch for us to assess your individual requirements.

Feedback from a Health and Safety inspection on a Heritage Site in Leicestershire:

“From my inspection and observations I have every confidence in the Team and commend them on the site safety, absolutely spot on and a pleasure to visit.”



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