Looking for an outdoor lighting solution?

Utility Trade can offer various installation services and have a great range of products and solutions to help businesses or home owners save money and improve their environment.

The latest additions are these solar powered outdoor lights. The Solareye can light up a pathway without the need to install an electricity supply and the same with the Solispost.

The Solareye fit neatly into the ground and are IP68 rated. The casing is a tough polycarbonate and is very durable. For conservation areas they can be installed with a “bat hat” to reduce upward glare, ideal for countryside settings.

The Solispost control system monitors the ambient light levels, anticipating the transition from day to night. The automatic transition allows for seasonal changes in light levels. During the night a high efficiency 180 lumensper-watt white LED illuminates. The brightness of the LED is regulated by a pulse-width-modulation driver circuit, the LED remains at a low light level until activated by the passive infrared (PIR) sensors. The PIR sensors have a detection range of up to 5m, on approach the LED brightens for 10 seconds, gently dimming to the low level.

Both solutions will charge and operate during winter months and have an average 8 and 5 year battery life.

If you would be interested in further details please feel free to drop in to our offices above Starbucks in Market Harborough, call us on 0845 209 7393 or email me at p.harding@utilitytrade.com

We have a number of products that can be demonstrated in our offices including Energy Monitoring, Lighting and Far Infrared heating panels.