Is Solar still a viable option?

The UK solar industry is rallying after the drastic cuts made by the government in 2015.

Solar install

Industrial sites are ideal for PV.

Difficulties facing the Solar industry.

Jonathan Selwyn, managing director of Lark Energy, said “A few years ago, we had to explain to corporates why investing in solar rooftops is a good idea, and that they should move quickly to receive the advantage of the available support schemes,” while at the Solar Finance and Investment conference in London this week.

Businesses still need to be shown that investing in solar is still a prudent decision, despite the changes in available government funding.

Lark Energy are a leading UK commercial PV developer, making Selwyn very well placed to remind the conference how the government has changed its mind yet again about the development of commercial rooftop solar, after encouraging it so strongly just last year.

Twelve months ago at the Solar Finance and Investment conference, Richard Cave the head of Solar PV and Hydro for the DECC was confirming the government strategy to move the focus of PV development from domestic to larger buildings. Specifically the DECC wished to utilise large commercial and industrial rooftops.

However, in the final quarter of 2015 a huge portion of the funding available was removed by the DECC. So now the industry growth has stuttered but is still going due to a large number of businesses seeing the long term opportunities available.



There are still benefits to be had.

With the drastic cuts to the incentive payments from the government the job of selling PV to business owners has become a little harder, but not impossible.

Many business owners are keen to see the permanent reduction in their energy bills. This reduction will pay dividends year on year and the cost of commercial energy is only going to go up. With a guaranteed life span of 20 years a PV installation will pay for itself many times over, just by providing massively reduced electricity bills for a business.

There are ways of increasing the energy saving benefits of a PV solution, these are by changing the habits and attitudes within the business. One of the easiest ways to pinpoint areas that are ripe for energy saving is to install energy monitoring software. A simple piece of equipment can monitor your business usage, the production of your PV install and even the estimated carbon footprint of your business. Putting these pieces of data together can help a business reduce their wasted usage and reduce costs across the board.
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